About Me

My name is Jason Godbey and I have been creating digital art since 2003. I started CG as just a hobby, but it soon turned into a passion and now I do it for a living. I grew up and went to school in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Currently I live in San Diego, CA working as an environment artist. While in the game industry I have worked primarily as an environment and lighting artist on AAA titles for the Xbox360, PS3, PSP, and iOS projects. I am also experienced in creating architectural 3d Visualizations. In this area my knowledge includes working with blueprints and CAD files to make the final images that will be used in advertising. I always look for ways to further my skills as an artist by studying art and learning the latest techniques and tools in the industry. As far as what tools I use, I am proficient with, Maya, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Vray, Mental Ray, Zbrush, Unity 3D Engine, Unreal Engine, Knald, xNormal, Quixel Suite, and Vue.
I've had the privilege of doing interviews and tutorials for the following websites and publications:

CGW China Interview - CG Magic Interview - 3dArtist Environment Art Tips


"Siena" has been featured in Expose 5 and was given the Master Award in Architectural Reconstruction
"Rebirth" has been included in Expose 6
"Invisible" and "A Karma Story" are both featured in EXPOSÉ 7
"Exodus" and "Static" have been included in Elemental 3